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I took over the Milk Round from Steve Thomas on the 5th Jan 2001, Steve is now a Driving Instructor. Follow www.raglandrivertraining.co.uk

Before taking on the milk round I worked for Gwent County Council & Newport Borough Council as a Mason Pavior (civil engineering stuff), The Kings Head Hotel Monmouth as their night watchman, then Filterclean (a local bottled water supplier) as Customer Service Manager.

Shortly after taking over the milk round I took over milk deliveries in Llanishen from Andrew Mayo.

In April 2005 I bought Rhona & Ray Francis milk round, so I now deliver to all of Raglan, Llancayo, Gwernesney, Llandenny Walks, Twyn-Sherriff & Rhwlais, Llansoy, Llanishen, Kingcoed, Llandenny, Clytha,& Great Oak. (and anything in between)In themiddle of June 07 I was approached by around 70 people in Usk to carry on the milk round that "June" had given up at the begining of June 07, thisI started during June 07and now cover the Town of Usk as well.On the 1stDecember 2007 I started delivering milk to the Glascoed & Coed-y-Paen area this I bought from Terry Middleton.

During october 2007 the "doorstep delivery service"and supermarkets saw a huge increase in the price that they have to pay for milk,the majority of this increase has gone on Non-recyclable plastic bottles, with Recyclable glass bottles increaseing in price but not on the same scale.This unfortunatley has had to be passed onto you the customer, this increase is a result of the larger dairies agreeing to pay the farmer a substanial increase in price for raw milk.

November 2008 sees yet another price increase this time due to the increase in general costs, due to the "Reccesion"

At the start of December 2008 customers in Llanishen had a new face delivering the doorstep pint, Mr Alun Jones taking over my deliveries.

In Febuary 2009 I decided that the run in Glascoed & Coed-y-paen was no longer worthwhile, I had arranged that Martin Court would take over the deliveries, but at the very last minute he pulled out.

At the begining of June 09 Dairy Farmers of Britain went "Bust" which was well covered in the media, DFOB suppiled me with milk in glass bottles,I was informed on Saturday 13th June 09 that I would no longer have milk delivered by DFOB, with no milk in the fridge for Monday 15th June It was fortunate that Cotteswold dairy were able meet my needs at short notice, Having been with a number of Dairies since starting the milk round some 12 years ago, Cotteswold Dairy seem very switched on.

I am supplied with Milk & cream by Cotteswold Dairy who deliver in a refrigerated lorry 6 days a week. The 1/3rd Cartons (Raglan & Usk School) are supplied by Bartonsham Farm Dairy of Hereford, deliveries are made again by refrigerated lorry 3 times a week.


In April 2014 James Durose took over all deliveries James can be contacted on 07540658152